Online Puzzle

I browse the Web on daily basis: it’s part of my job. Understanding search engines trends, design trends and other optimization related issues, is what makes Search Engine Oracle a successful business. And I see each day how websites change – some redesign, others are suddenly SE optimized, many spend a fortune on PPC and the revenue is low because the interest of the visitors was obviously disregarded.

And I’m still wondering: why SEOs and Web designers are unable to work together? Two things are pretty clear:

• SEO is not worth the trouble if your website has a poor design, lacks accessibility and navigability
• No matter how good the Web design is, if no one is able to find it in the search engines you are just wasting valuable resources.

Wouldn’t it be better if we team up and create a new discipline: SEO Web design? (Although there are a few Web design companies that offer such a service, I don’t see too much coverage on this topic online).

As SEO professionals, we understand SEO as just one part of the puzzle. To be successful online you need SEO Web design, SEM (with the PPC and other paid advertising means) and the most recent SMO.

And after you employ all these tools to create the perfect website, all you need to do is start interacting with your customers. The websites sends a message. You’ll need to support that message. You’ll need to communicate: emails, newsletters, blogs, forums, discussion boards are just a few “hot spots” where you need to be present and persuade the online community that you are the best on your field.


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