Online Sports Fans: An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Have you been thinking about new website ideas lately? If so, a new Jupiter research study revealed some interesting data about a target audience you might be interested in: Sports Fans. Apparently this category, young males in their twenties in particular, are one of the highest ‘consuming’ audiences online. More time spend online, more videos watched and more tendency to buy online.

In the US, 19% of overall internet users are sports fans and up to 21% views monthly video streams. In addition sports fans also love newspapers and social media to keep up to date. Nonetheless, offline channels do few online efforts to optimize their rankings for sports news and attract a broader audience.

For example, during the 2008 NBA finals none of the local TV stations or newspapers ranked high for terms like ‘Lakers’ or ‘Celtics’, despite the huge interest of hardcore fans and not to mention the advertising opportunities regarding merchandising and integrated video ads. On the other hand, the ESPN channel has become one of most used video servers online and the NHL website hit 12.4 million unique visitors in April 2008.

One can think of many ways to integrate bits of sports news in a website or blog and offer information to attract a bit of the sports crowd. However, like surfers do for many other services, sports fans turn to the Internet for more than that. Specialized sports sites with integrated ticketing, merchandising, video streaming and even social networking features seem to have a bright future and offer various revenue models.

As a SEO professional you have probably by now also realized the opportunities to look for clients in the sports sector. As Bobby Tulsiani, one of the head researchers said: “To fully tap into this lucrative audience, local sites must make a commitment to search engine optimization and search engine marketing.”

So maybe you might want to approach your favorite local sports team with an offer they can’t refuse…