Overture Keyword Tool Down

Reports around the web right now suggest that the Overture Keyword Tool is currently out of action and has been so for a couple of days now. I personally have not been able to use the tool properly for the last week, since every time you try and load the tool, the server just hangs and reports an error.

The tool is now owned by Yahoo and also powers many other keyword assistant tools such as SEO Book’s tool and DigitalPoints tool, to name just a couple. As it is one of the oldest free tools available on the web for keyword research, many SEOs and other internet marketing based people will be rather agitated at the prospect of losing out on Overture’s vast database of keyword data, contributed by Yahoo Search Marketing’s Pay Per Click engine. But if you are one of the people who only rely on Overture for keyword research, it might be the right time to start trying out some of the better tools such as Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery.

At Search Engine Oracle, we use a combination of tools, including those mentioned above, as each tool gives significantly different figures for keyword data. It is best to amalgamate the figures to give a more accurate account of a certain keywords performance.


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