Google Updating Toolbar Pagerank?

At the risk of focusing on Google too much this week (yesterday I talked about the problem with Adwords statistics being shown), I want to report on an apparent pagerank update that is taking place.

But first, let me issue a small caviat: pagerank does not hold the importance it once did.

Many people who think they know much about SEO prove to me that they know very little when they say “oh, I need to increase my pagerank to rank higher in the search engines”.

PageRank has very little to do with your ranking, and it’s quite common for lower PR sites to rank above higher PR sites if Google deems it to be more relevant.

However, a high pagerank is usually a consequence of an SEO campaign, because it’s based on the number of links Google can find pointing to your site. In simple terms; more links = higher pagerank.

What you should also be aware of is that the pagerank you see in your toolbar is just a snapshot from the last 3-4 months. Your actual ‘internal’ pagerank changes daily based on the number of links you have, but Google only exports this data a few times a year to it’s toolbar users.


Back to the current pagerank update. It was first noticed yesterday and was picked up on the Digital Point forums. Since then, posts from different people have trickled in that their pagerank is also changin.

What’s quite surprising about this update is many people are reporting higher pageranks, where the case is usually around 50-50 where half report higher PR’s and half report lower.

However, as discussed above, keep in mind that PageRank is mostly cosmetic and doesn’t influence your rankings a great deal.


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