Powerset, intelligent search

Yesterday, PowerSet launched a new showcase about their user experience, on how to search the web with Powerset. Powerset is specialized in searching for text that makes sense instead of only relying on keywords.

Currently Powerset only indexed Wikipedia pages so they will not be overtaking Google soon but the way how Powerset works is interesting. It seems that the search engine skips some steps that makes it easier for the user to search, in particular when the information is on different pages.

When for example one types the phrase ‘when did earthquakes hits Tokyo’ the results are much more precise compared to Google or Wikipedia. This is because Powerseth interprets the search sentence instead of interpreting every word separately as a keyword.

The answers to the search question are often found in the search results snippets displayed underneath the title, making the search experience much easier for users.

Furthermore Powerset is efficiently structuring Wikipedia information in certain categories and together with some freebase information they have already indexed. This indexing is also far different from traditional search engines as Powerset tries to understand the content of the webpage for later queries. As a result, search results can be listed even without containing a single matching word.

The company announced it will need a new round of financing before they could make an attempt to index the Internet, but for now try them out with their Wikipedia search engine on www.powerset.com


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