Choose SEO Ltd. for Press Release Optimisation

Although the basic principles are the same, optimising a press release for the search engines is a little bit different than optimising a web page. What you really need is a talented web writer who knows how to incorporate keywords into a press release while keeping the quality standards to satisfy the reader. And this is the difficult part. This is what makes press release optimisation an art.

Titles are particularly difficult to optimise because they need to act like micro-content and stand out on their own. They should incite, puzzle and call to action. They should tell the reader that your news is worth reading. You should also be able to include your main keyword into the title, to ensure a good positioning in the search results at Google and Yahoo! News.

When you write your content, remember that web users are different. They don’t “read” web pages. They “scan” a web page looking for something worth their time. Usually they read headlines and decide in a matter of seconds whether they read the content or surf away. Poor content has no chances to stand out.

If you publish press releases often, make sure that you publish them in the right format. You can find details about the main characteristics of the modern social media press release here.

SEO Ltd. works with talented web writers to ensure the web content which is readable and search engines optimised. If your press releases didn’t bring the expected results, give us a chance to prove that proper optimisation can work wonders. Contact us for a free estimation.