The Power of Web Analytics

Many clients ask whether web analytics software offers relevant stats or not. The truth is that there is web analytics software that is quite reliable and could give trustworthy answers if you use them properly. Web Trends, Omniture’s Site Catalyst or Google Analytics are quite reliable, but are they relevant when it comes to measuring accurately the ROI based on organic SEO?

For pay per click campaigns the statistics are pretty relevant. You know how much you invest and you know how much you get. But pay per click is not SEO.

SEO is the science that places your site naturally in the organic search results. Pay per click is a division of search engine marketing. And to give accurate ROI stats for the organic traffic you need to know how to track each major keyword phrase.

Web analytics software is good enough to track these conversions. You’ll learn enough about visitor behaviour, page impressions and click-troughs to predict how much real revenue results from natural search. Yet you’ll not be able to predict future performance, because there are differences between long-tail terms and the rest.

Long-tails should be analysed separately. They usually get fewer searches than highly competitive keyword phrases, but because they are more specific they could get higher ROI.

By tracking your key phrases and studying the ROI you’ll know what changes to perform to maximize your profits. And you should use Web analytics for this very purpose.

If you don’t know how to use such software as its fullest, contact Search Engine Oracle. We’ll help.