Jamespot, the RSS Search Engine

The sites of the Web 2.0 need customisable solutions to keep up with the fast pace of the new Web trends. Jamespot is such a solution. It provides unique, targeted or personalized RSS feeds, but unlike other services of the kind, it allows you to save your search in XML and to add it to your reader. So you will not get random titles with your RSS alerts, but topics that really interest you.

To take full advantage of the service you need to join Jamespot (if there’s one annoying thing about the Web 2.0 that’s the need to join everything that moves) and create your personalized page where you will manage your searches, comment on different entries and even get the comments as RSS feeds.

The real special feature of Jamespot is given by the fact that it is a fully customisable search engine, available in 15 languages. It indexes RSS feeds (text, audio and video) from all over the world (more than 200 countries).

With all these special search engines I cannot help but wonder: how long is Google still going to puzzle us with its twilight algorithms? And when are we going to hear about Google’s social media site or Google’s social search or whatever.

Google is so Web 1.0 and it is amazing how this search engine still manages to keep the highest share of the search engines market. If more search engines like Jamespot appear Google’s ground might start shaking. And if it does, I won’t be surprised to see Google diving into the social media stream. I just wonder: what takes them so long?