The Easiest SEO Strategy?

Some say that the easiest and most accomplishable SEO strategy is to own one of the top 10 positions in the SERPs for your company name. This is not so easy when you use an ordinary, too general name.

For example Search Engine Oracle doesn’t occupy one of these positions just yet, but we are working on it. However we rank nr. 1 for Search Engine Oracle Ltd., which is the complete name of our company.

To take control over the search engine results for a certain brand name you need to employ SEO strategies that will help you position your brand as high in the SERPs as possible.

For Search Engine Oracle (without “ltd.”) we are going to run some link exchange campaigns (targeting related blogs and websites), have our blog listed in more high quality directories, publish press releases that link back to this blog each time we come up with something new and have bloggers write about our site and link back, hopefully all with Search Engine Oracle as anchor text link.

These strategies should help positioning SEO Ltd. a bit higher on the SERPs for the key phrase “search engine oracle” and hopefully for other similar keyword phrases.

Sure, this is only one of the keyword phrases we target and we don’t focus on our website with the same passion as we do it for our customers.

What you also should note about this keyword phrase is that it is strictly related to what we do. I’ve always recommended not to target irrelevant keyword phrases. There’s nothing more despicable in SEO than manipulating the search engine results for fake keywords. But about this, in another entry.