Search Engine Submissions

This is the sequel to Internet Marketing for Beginners – Part I.

Some SEOs are pro sitemap generator to the search engines, and some are against. Submitting your site to the search engines is not bad, it’s just one of those steps that could be skipped, especially if you have a few good links from authority sites (preferably contextual and preferably not purchased!). But if you don’t and you want to submit your site to the search engines, at least don’t buy that “submit your site to over 300 search engines” crap.

Most of the small search engines are powered by Google, Yahoo or MSN. There are a few independent SE that might bring you some traffic, so I suggest you don’t lose sleep over numbers. Look for quality.

Before submitting your site to the search engine make sure that all your pages are optimised, that all your links work properly and that you have no “under construction” pages. If you want good results you have to deliver a quality entry.

As you know, the most important search engine is Google. You can add your URL here. This is actually an online form to invite the Googlebot to crawl your web pages. This is not a warranty that your site is going to be indexed. Using Google sitemaps instead of submitting manually to the above link provides for faster and better results.

Yahoo has an online submission form too, and so does MSN. When you are done with these three, move forward to Alexa, Exactseek, and Add Me. Add Me offers a free search engine submission tool, but if you are going to use that, than use it before submitting to Google, to avoid duplicate submissions that might be considered spamdexing.