SEO Is a Strange Field

Each SEO comes up with a new idea to contradict traditional beliefs. Sometimes it even feels like SEOs are making fun of the webmasters who struggle so hard to attain good SE rankings for their site. But the truth is that professional SEOs do not plan to puzzle the World Wide Web. They just study carefully the search engine trends and react accordingly.

So if you hear now that writing less provides for better search engine rankings, don’t be surprised. The Web is now polluted with content. There are millions of blogs and articles, and only a few bring real value to the Web. It’s only normal that the search engines react and place less importance on some blogs (new blogs and not authority blogs) that try to make their way to the top by posting daily scraped content.

There’s also a new belief among SEOs: writing one good article once or twice a week provides for more quality than posting each day. Should you be scared and reduce the number of entries on your blog? Not really.

As you probably know, blogs rely more on traffic from the blogger networks and social communities than on the traffic from the search engines. Chances are that if you change your posting habits suddenly, you’ll also lose your readers, those returning visitors who show the real value of your site.

If you want to do something that will never hurt your website or weblog, just pay attention to your public and give them what they want. If you are a great writer or you are very knowledgeable in your field, this is exactly the value that your visitors expect. And the search engines know how to measure the returning visitors rate. They will not give your site a lower rank if you have high quality traffic and many returning visitors. That is a sign that you do provide the quality needed by the web users.