Search Trends and How to Identify the Best Keywords

On Google Labs you can easily identify the hottest search terms of the day, then the hottest search trends for a particular niche.

If you are not SEO savvy this might appear as a complicate process. As a matter of fact it is quite simple. All you need to do is to make a daily statistic of the hottest searches for your niche for a week or two, then compare it with your targeted keywords, use a keyword selection tool to identify other related terms and then start optimizing your pages for the most relevant key phrase (which is not always the one with the highest score in the search trends).

Google’s AdWords keyword selector tool is one of the best free tools you could use to select the most targeted keywords. The advantage is that this tool will also calculate prices for an eventual PPC campaign and it can also identify possible negative keywords.

Yahoo! Search gives you a similar overview of the hottest searches (as Google) but you’ll notice some differences. The most obvious one is that Yahoo! seems to be more focused on entertainment. This is good news for entertainment bloggers, for they will know who’s the hottest celebrity of the moment to write about.

Actually, the tools above are preferred by bloggers and used less by static websites. This is not really wise. By identifying the hottest searches of the moment you’ll be able to run better-targeted PPC campaigns, thus increasing traffic and revenue.