Hakia’s Popularity on the Raise

With one good idea Hakia takes web marketing to the next level.

Traditional banners no longer do it on the Internet. You need to come up with something new, something stunning, to wow people and make them click on your ads, follow your links and eventually start using your services.

By targeting the bloggers (and especially the authority bloggers) Hakia has got itself a bunch of high quality links that pushed its PageRank to 6 already (I’m curious what comes at the next Google update).

Why is Hakia’s idea so great? Well, because Hakia customizes banner ads to actual fit the site they are displayed on. Each Hakia ad on a certain blog will have a quote from the real author of the blog.

That makes the visitors wonder about the whys and the hows and click on the links. Then they land wherever Hakia wants them to land. Besides, this is a great way for Hakia to promote its brand.

On the other hand I have reasons to believe that the page impressions received by the sites promoted by Hakia this way are higher than the page impressions promoted through other banner types.

If you want to have a Hakia personalized banner on your blog you just need to Just visit SearchForBetterSearch, join the discussion and voila: you are part of the Hakia family. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Hakia is a search engine with a lot of potential. Its accurate search results, based on natural search queries, promise a lot.