Free Website Analysis

When you are an SEO you deal often with all kinds of questions, for different clients. Most of these clients are completely unfamiliar with the SEO profession and they don’t really know how an SEO works.

On the other hand, not all SEOs are capable of explaining their profession in simple, logical terms, because they focus too much on the technical aspect of their business. It’s my intention to make access to various SEO technical details easier.

So what does an SEO do? The fist step is defined as website audit – and this is often free of charge, depending on the amount of information presented to you.

Other SEOs charge a small fee for this service, but they provide a full website report. A full report includes a complete analysis of the website architecture and layout effects on search engine rankings, technical analysis per page, content and linking recommendations and other SEM advices relevant to your site and your industry.

SEOs are consultants and their job is focused on words and how these influence sales. They already know how the web users think and look to a page, so their expertise is vital for a good business start.

It is hard to say how each SEO company will run a campaign because, there are different ways of optimizing s website, but the most important stage of an SEO campaign comes when you can see the revenue.

One thing you should understand though: SEO takes time.