SEO and Design Issues

Although SEOs everywhere emphasise passionately the importance of plain HTML web pages for SEO purposes, there are still too many website owners who don’t understand these aspect and continue requesting website designs based on flash, frames or java. Then they go to an SEO company and try to get better rankings. Many invest in SEO way too much while others have no other chance but to use costly PPC campaigns.

If you are one of these webmasters, the most economical solution for you would be to redesign your sites on plain HTML base: no frames, no Flash. If you must have Flash, keep it to a minimum: just a banner or just a website header or an ad.

Ask the web designers to validate the HTML code. Errors in the HTML code might be a problem in the way of the search engine bots and they might be an impediment for a proper indexing into the SERPs.

Also write proper page titles for each website page. These appear in the search results as titles of the links that point to your site. Obviously they have to be relevant to the content of the page. Try not to write the name of your company as the page title. Focus on what really matters for your conversions; focus on the most important keywords and include them in a logical context. There are many DIY SEO tutorials available for free on the Internet. I suggest you chose the ones authored by SEO authorities. Good advice you find following the links in my blog roll.