SEO and Relationships

The new SEO needs to pay careful attention to… relationships. Careless links like “click here” might look offensive in the blogosphere, because blogging is about people talking to people, people connecting and networking.

“Click here” is rude to some. From an SEO perspective is almost pointless. Except that “click here” looks natural for the bots and it’s getting often more weight than keyword-rich links.

Relationships are never easy. With SEO you have to wear gloves in relationship with those you link to, then in relationship with the search crawlers. It happens often that if you do one right the counterpart will label your effort as wrong, spam or disrespectful.

Enough is enough.

SEO is about people, but it’s not only you who should respect the ones you link to. They have a moral duty too. After all, a “click here” although not “keyword rich” is a free link. And, when no one asked for it and you just give it away, free and unbinding, then what’s the problem? The beneficiaries are your readers and the site you send traffic to. I don’t see lack of respect here. On the contrary. You don’t send free traffic to a site you don’t like, do you?

So again: SEO is about relationships. But “relationships” mean compromise on both sides. When you link to a site you consider of value and you encourage your readers to go there by pointing it out with a “click here” link, you do prove respect and appreciation. So let’s get reasonable and forget about keyword rich anchor texts for a while.