SEO and SEM Again

I published once an entry about SEO versus SEM and, as blogs are… it got buried under several other entries and I feel that I need to bring this topic back to light.

SEO is not SEM. SEO means search engines optimization. SEM is search engines marketing. Both these disciplines are part of a larger concept called online public relations. Online public relations incorporates SMO (social media optimization) too.

What some SMOs, SEMs and PRs fail to understand, and even some customers have troubles fully digesting the concept, is that none of these disciplines can nowadays function without the other.

I love to see new press releases (I use Google alerts to learn news about the SEO and SEM industry) announcing online collaborations between PRs and SEOs. I also like it to see that web designers focus on creating SEO ready websites now. It is a clear sign that the clients are now savvier than in the past. But it’s still a long way for the small online business owner, because this particular client cannot really afford professional SEO.

SEO is expensive. Period.

It’s not necessarily because it is complicated – God knows: each new site to optimize is a new challenge that affect the SEO at all levels (metal and physical). SEO is a time-consuming process. But it cannot help without your marketing skills.

SEO will bring your site to the top page of the search engines (that’s the happiest scenario), but it is up to you to sell.