SEO and Usability

Usability, accessibility and SEO go hand in hand all the time. I’ll always wonder why we still have to discuss about this, but since many web designers, web developers or even SEOs still don’t get it, I think we’ll have to deal with the topic till the end of times.


Usability comes somehow second. Accessibility comes first: it makes no sense in developing a website no one ca use. Then, if some can use it and others can not, that will mean discrimination and we certainly do not want to be accused of such a crime.

After accessibility we have usability: so I can access your website with any browser and with any device, but can I also navigate it? And if I can, is the navigation intuitive? Can I really find my way, without having to click on several buttons to get to what I want?

Once the accessibility and usability issues are solved we can really talk about search engines optimization. SEO comes at the end, after all the “user” issues” are solved.

If you take your online business seriously you already know that Google Labs has an experimental accessibility search engine where the sites that respect certain W3C standards have more weight in the results then the others. What does this tell us?

Well, the very words I was trying to insinuate: optimize, optimize, optimize. Do it now, before it is too late. Do it now before Google decides to ban your website for not being standards compliant. Do it because YOU CARE!


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