SEO Certification

SEO newbies often ask whether they need SEO certification and I am puzzled to hear such a question. So who is giving this certification? The search engines? The companies that create so-called SEO software? WEB CEO, that gives a “free SEO certification” just to make you pay for “upgrades”?  There are no “SEO certificated” badges on serious SEO sites like Bruce Clay, Search Engine Roundtable and so on. So why do newbies still ask for it? Why do we still hear: do you know a good company to get an SEO certificate?

It’s a matter of trust. Probably these SEO newbies who display proudly SEO certification badges on their pages believe that their clients will trust them more. And the clients, who are mostly SEO ignorant, do rely more in SEO s that display such a badge, because they believe in its authenticity and “value.”

SEO certification comes after attending some short-term SEO classes. What people who buy into such scams don’t know is that SEO needs time, commitment and continuous learning. Because SEO changes at a fast pace. Almost nothing that worked yesterday is still a craft of the industry. And yet some people still believe that stuffing keywords in the meta tags will do for their rankings. Others really believe that a page title is enough to rank and many live with the impression that the number of links is the most important SEO factor. Now add SEO certification to this list of nonsense and you’ve got yourself the real reasons why some raise their voices against SEO and generalize the members of this industry as charlatans.