SEO Definitions

It is hard to write about ones passions in just a few words and it is obviously hard to define a discipline that has so many facets. We all know that SEO is short from search engines optimization, but when it comes to answering the “what is SEO?” question, we are overwhelmed.

ome define it as being everything you do to manipulate the search engines to display your site first for a given query. But who is actually giving that query? The search engines have complicated algorithms. Sometimes even you wake up to find that you rank for totally meaningless phrases (I mean meaningless to your business) just because you’ve chosen some metaphoric words within your content.

But if people are using the search engines to find pages related to those words, is ranking for them in the SERPs really pointless? It’s hard to say.

Somebody looking for pink cheetahs might be puzzled to find my entry instead of a nice drawing of a pink cheetah, or instead of a bed time story for kids.

The probability that someone will look for pink cheetahs is low anyway. But the traffic brought by that keyword phrase is important because it shows to the search engines that people are interested in the topic. This blog made it to the top of the SERPs for that keyword phrase last week, because Google liked its freshness. Not it dropped from the results, but the achievement, even temporary, proves a great deal about SEO. It proves that SEO is not easy, it proves its complexity. So, do you still think that defining SEO is an easy task?