The Week’s Best SEO Entries

The Web is a big place and it is hard to keep an actual overview of what happens on the Web that really brings value in this highly competitive world.

Unfortunately not all who make this world turn around understand that acknowledging the merits of your competitors brings value to your business as well. Let’s call this fair play. Actually, in any profession, we need to look up at those who have more skills and more knowledge and to try to circulate this knowledge for other to learn.

As an SEO myself I learn from SEO gurus like Aaron Wall and Bruce Clay, but there are other SEO experts, sometimes less experienced than the two mentioned above, who display amazing skills. We can truly learn from each other. The secret is to take the time and understand what our colleagues research and share with us.

At Bruce Clay Blog, Lisa Barone notes 4 Reasons Why Your Mobile Web Site Sucks. I didn’t cover too much the “mobile SEO” topic in the past, and it is probably time to give it more attention. Sure, the market in UK is not ready yet to take the leap, but I believe it will not take long for my clients to start inquiring such services. Lisa reminded me to be prepared: as prepared as any website owner should be.

Aaron Wall writes about SEO and trust. Actually he teaches us how to build a trustworthy relationship with your topical community. An excellent advice: focus on quality rather than on general traffic.

Allen Stern catches Jason Calacanis in the SEO closet. If you all remember, Jason Calacanis was the online marketer who called SEO “shit and dead.” Tough words and the fact that Calacanis is an SEO play is even tougher.


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