They Still Don’t Get It, Do They?

When they don’t get it, it is hard to prove a point. If at eWritings Mig steals the thunder of an ignorant website owner in just a few hours, and at BizReport we see statistics from Oneupweb showing that only 20 % of the sites of some top 100 retailers in the USA (where the SEO industry is at home) are well optimised, what can we say about site owners in UK?

It is my job to analyse and compare various websites, and I am positive that in UK the numbers show a sad reality. Sites in UK, in English by default, but British English by national pride, have to compete against sites in US, Australia and all the English speaking countries, and, of course, against the English versions of all the business sites out there. And that’s a pretty rough competition. Add to this the poor SEO they do to their pages and you will understand how hard it is for these sites to score in 

Despite what you have heard (that the search engines don’t want you to optimise your sites, that Google hates SEOs and the like) the truth is that SEO is the main factor that helps the search engines refine their results. Google, MSN, ASK and Yahoo! all endorse the Sitemaps protocol. In theory the sitemaps help the webmasters get their sites indexed properly. In practice the search engines are the real beneficiaries: they refine their search results based on information they collect. It is in their best interest to show relevant and fresh results, or the users will look for some other resources to get answers.

All in one: SEO will help you place your products in front of the audience you target in the search engines.