SEO for Google More Difficult Than Ever

Google makes our jobs more difficult than ever. Chris Sherman of the Search Engine Land describes the latest joke on SEOs performed by Google here. In short, Google will start integrating the news with the Web search results.

Up till now the news had their own page (which I suppose it will remain on its place) and were displayed on the standard results pages in the OneBox, which appeared at the top (but only on the first page).

From now on the news results are going to be blended into the regular search results. This means that the news results will appear anywhere in the SERPs, and since we have each day a real affluence of news from online journals (including blogs) we can expect Google to give them priority based on relevance and freshness. The change was carefully planned by Google and its purpose is to “dig deeper” into news instead of simply displaying headlines in the OneBox.

On the other hand, Aaron Wall at asks a puzzling question: Are Google’s Search Results Algorithmic or Editorial? At the end of a very pertinent analysis he concludes

“(Google) search is moving away from purely algorithmic to an editorial blend approach.”

The news is disturbing, but it shouldn’t worry you too much. Remember I always encouraged you to write relevant content and link to relevant sites. Although SEO is very important for your site, more important are the users. And it is clear that Google wants relevant results for its users too.