SEO for WordPress Blogs

If you run your blog on a WordPress platform you are one of the happy owners of the most popular and fully customisable blogging tools. WordPress themes are usually SEO optimised, but there’s always room for improvements. WordPress comes with a few problems, one of which is the duplicate content issue.

When you look at your sidebar at your archives and categories, especially if you write one entry each day, you’ll notice that your archives have no unique content (obviously, since they are simply a collection if previous posts by date). Using robot.txt files, which tell the search bots what to scan, you could solve this problem.

The other important duplicate content issue comes from the fact that WordPress doesn’t provide an automatic tool to add unique meta descriptions to your posts. Google sees pages with identical meta descriptions as identical, so you should really try to fix this problem. This will not get your site penalized, but it will send most of the pages (especially those with no inbound links) to its supplemental index. Google displays the supplemental results solely when there are not enough relevant results for a specific term. You find here a plugin that will help you solve this issue.

The page title is important too. By default WordPress shows titles as Blog Name >> Post Title. Because the Blog Name will repeat itself for each entry, Google might consider the content duplicate and send some of the entries to the supplemental results too. This is something you could solve by modifying your WordPress HTML. In your dashboard go to presentation/theme editor/ header. If the code there looks like

<title><?php bloginfo(‘name’);?><?php if (is single()){?>»Blog Archive<?php}?><?php wp_title();?></title>

change the code as follows

<title><?php if (is_home()) bloginfo(‘name’); else wp_title();?></title>

This way WordPress will solely display the name of your blog on your home page and the title of your entry for each separate page.