SEO Fuel

The main advantages of a good SEO campaign are not search engines rankings, PageRanks or the number inbound links won. The main advantages are counted in website revenue: sales.

A good SEO campaign it the fuel you need to increase traffic and win new customers. SEO is necessary because no site could ever gain popularity on its own. OK, so you’ll employ a professional online public relations firm to publicize news about your company and make your website known on the Web.

But guess what? Online public relations campaigns employ SEO means and channels to achieve their goals. Online PR firms submit their press releases to Google News, Yahoo, MSN, etc. The purpose? To generate buzz on the short term and to increase link popularity: the long term win.

So basically, no matter what a Calacanis might say, nothing moves (towards success) without SEO. SEO is everywhere. If you optimise your Meta tags and give a different title to each page of your website, you use SEO fuel.

When you add alt tags to your images, even for accessibility purposes, you employ a SEO technique.

If you use <h1>, <h2> tags to structure the content on your pages… you’ve got that right: it’s SEO again.

So why do we still argue? Why do we still have to hear “SEO is bogus”, “SEO crap” or other offensive expressions? Let’s face it: basic SEO is as easy as a, b, c. You can “do-it-yourself”. But there are tools and techniques, which are better used by SEO professionals who learned how and when to use them, who are perfectly aware of the search engines and Web realities.


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