SEO Is Changing

SEO is living some chameleonic moments. As a matter of fact, SEO was always chameleonic and I suppose it will always be. Ten years ago it was enough for a website to have some keywords stuffed in its Meta tags to rank high in the search engines. Today, as we speak about personalized search, many SEO strategies are going to change.

The positioning metrics tools are no longer relevant. While they still provide good information on how a site is ranked in the SE results, this is no longer a vital ingredient for the success of a SEO campaign.

Search personalization cannot be standardized, as each user will be able to filter out unwanted results and even unwanted websites. This means that each user’s SERPs will be considerable different from what the standard “unfiltered” results will display. In such situations it is better to use Web analytics software that show relevant search queries and give important demographics data. Basically the SEOs should start analysing other factors to determine the success of a SEO campaign.

Good search engines ranking still matter, as long as they drive traffic and they are not filtered out of the search results. The personalized search gives the power to the user. If you haven’t conceived your site for the users, you might end up in the “filtered out” results. And these are even worse than Google’s supplemental results. To avoid the trouble and keep up the newest SEO trends contact Search Engine Oracle today and we are going to see that your site performs well in all kinds of SE results.


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