SEO Mistakes

We never talk enough about SEO mistakes. We talk about how to and SEO trends, about spamdexing and about its disastrous effects, but we really don’t talk about the human nature of SEO. Most people see SEO as a purely technical occupation. And to a certain degree… they are right.

SEOs use software to evaluate the SEO score of a certain page in comparison to another.

SEOs have to know at least the basics of HTML to understand what needs to be done to satisfy the search engines.

SEOs calculate keyword density in report to words per page.

But all the technical details shift the focus of SEO from what really matters to something cold, without soul… without the human touch we all need to understand and comply with in order to survive on the Web 2.0.

As many new-wave SEOs say, SEO is no longer just about the search engines. All the above mentioned SEO techniques are SEO mistakes. The only SEO technique that really makes a difference in this user focused world is: optimize for the people and feed the search engines while you are at it.

Also employ all the social media tools that apply to your industry to increase traffic to your site, gain returning visitors and so on. The little things you ignore today will hurt your rankings tomorrow. The biggest SEO mistake is to underestimate the power of the people.

To summarize: SEO is changing. SEO needs new channels to work at its peak and you should start using those channels now.