WordPress Plugins for SEO Results

WordPress is a very flexible platform to publish and syndicate news. A business blog should act like a company newsletter and be interactive and engaging at the same time. For this business to score high in the SE results you need to optimize it a bit. And once you get visitors from the SE, you need to keep them there, on your blog pages, surfing, trying to find something new, or more information.

WordPress doesn’t come by default with the great tools that make your job easier. You have to download them from a site, upload them on your blog’s server, then activate them in your WordPress dashboard. Does it sound complicated? Well, with a bit of guidance it is not. And once you learn how to use the first WordPress plugin, all the others are quite similar.

Probably the most important SEO WordPress plugin is the Google Sitemap Generator. This automatically generates a sitemap for your blog and updates it regularly. No effort from you required other than submitting the sitemap to Google and Yahoo, and giving Live the path to find it in the robots.txt file.

Another plugin you’ll need is the All In One SEO Pack that helps you generate unique meta descriptions, keywords, and titles for each entry (each page of your blog).

These two are the SEO plugins you need as soon as possible. I will return in a future entry with other useful SEO tools. Until then, don’t forget the most important SEO rule: optimize for the users and not for the bots.