Five Reasons Why SEO Is NOT Online PR

SEO is not online PR – but many people seem to believe that SEO overlaps the industry. OK, we write texts, we care about placements, we can optimize press releases, we do market research and user behaviors (analytics) and sometimes even more than what a PR company does. But we do not overlap PR.

  1. PR experts are not SEOs. In an ideal world one of ten PRs has vague knowledge of SEO. But judging from the press releases I read each day, this is not the case. Those press releases need SEO. Badly.
  2. SEO is not about buzz. We aim for the long term search engines positioning, something that brings constant revenue to a company, and not for the moment of fleeting fame a press release might generate. Besides, although we know what the search engines need, we are not always skilled enough to make a press release sell a story. Fair is fair.
  3. SEO will not strive to present a bad product in a favorable light. SEOs are always preoccupied to make a product findable. The sale happens on the site we optimize, and it is not our responsibility. Of course we’ll give advice if we think that the wording would not sell, or that the website structure is not the best to generate the desired ROI, but that’s about it. We will not jump in the defense of that product if the users start commenting negatively.
  4. SEOs don’t write speeches, company profiles and company philosophies. These are delicate matters and only a PR expert can provide the best service.
  5. SEOs don’t get you public speeches and they don’t approach popular magazines to feature your press release.


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