The SEO Secret…

There are no SEO secrets. Some online marketers believe that the best SEO is… no SEO. Because, they say, “the search engines do not really want you to optimize your sites”. Some even affirm that they hired some of the most famous SEOs and they were disappointed.

Honestly, I doubt that someone hiring an Aaron Wall would ever be disappointed in the results. I doubt that a Graywolf would ever make vain promises. I can even put my hand into the fire for a Search Engine Oracle Ltd. professional.

Now, there were some pertinent comments on this issue, but the one making them missed out the point of the real SEO professionals (and I am sure he never hired one of them): SEO is now about people and answering to their needs. As a part of online marketing, SEO focuses on the user and optimizing a site to sell. SEO is also about optimizing navigation and accessibility; it is about stickiness and convertibility.

That means that an SEO will give professional advice and also try to help a site rank for relevancy and not for random, useless keywords. But a professional SEO will also tell you, open and honest: I make you rank, it is up to you to sell. Too often SEO fails because clients don’t understand how online selling goes. Each site has to answer first to the most important question any customer asks: “why should I buy from you?”

The Web is not a place for impulse buyers. The Web is the highest competitive market in the world. No SEO? You are right… if you cannot sell, than forget it. It is pointless to rank if you have nothing to offer.


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