SEO Versus SEM

My first tip: no SEO software could ever perform an SEO campaign better than a human being. The professional SEO knows how to target the key phrases you need to rank naturally in the SERPs. SEO means optimising the code (HTML) and the content of the site for these rankings. SEM is the whole process of promoting a business on the search engines. It encompasses SEO, PPC, other paid advertising and traffic exchanges.

What people don’t really know about SEM is that no such campaign should be started without SEO. Aside SEO, SEM includes techniques that offer the advantage of immediacy. Once you start a PPC (pay per click) or PPA (pay per action) campaign you’ll notice an immediate increase of traffic and revenue.

If you have enough funds to sponsor your presence into the SE this is the way to go. Just remember that paying your way to the first page of the search engine doesn’t warrantee a listing in the organic search results. Your site will appear as a sponsored result as long as you pay for such a placement.

The moment you stop paying you’ll fall back into anonymity. For the sake of your online business you should employ ethical SEOs, stay away from spamming and deceiving techniques and always optimise your website with the users in your mind. If paying will bring the awareness about your business, it is entirely up to you to keep that awareness: a good website inspires, challenges, and has a certain stickiness that determines the visitor bookmark it and return.