Writing the Perfect SEO Copy

SEO is about optimising content, everybody knows that. We speak about keywords and keyword phrases, about positioning these keywords in strategic places to boost the rankings of a site in the SERPs, we read many online tutorials on “do-it-yourself” SEO and so on. So I am going to give you today the best “DIY” tip: optimise for the readers, not for the SE.

The search engines are the channels to reach your audience. The Web readers are the ones that will pay for your products… if you sell your message right. The purpose of SEO goes beyond rankings. The purpose of SEO is generating revenue. So when you write your page copy, write for the humans, not for the SE. Keywords are still important, but use them as they come naturally in a conversation. The readers shouldn’t even notice that you use keywords. Web readers are not different, they just read different.

Let’s think about it: how to you read a novel? You start with chapter one and go slowly to the end, page by page. How do you read a website? You don’t! You scan fast its pages, randomly, till you find what really matters for you. Why? Because you can!

Knowing this it is quite easy to understand how to write your page copy to maximize online profits: give the users what they want to read.

This is how you should structure your message:

  • Address users needs
  • Underline the benefits
  • List the features (if any)
  • Conclude where necessary

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