SERPs Sovereigns: Self Reinforcing Authorities

Aaron Wall answers the “what is a self reinforcing authority page” question with a quite interesting, although rather long and muddled, video. Basically he says that a self reinforcing authority page is the page that, due to its importance for the users for certain topics, controls the top positions in the SERPs (Google) for the key phrases related to those topics.

The system is simple: people consider such pages the best resource for their niches and continue to link to them, over and over again. Certainly the creators of such websites made some SEO efforts once, to make their pages known, but now they need to make no efforts to win those editorial links (contextual links) that ensure their top Google positions.

As examples to sustain his assertions, Aaron names for “currency converter”, his own for “black hat SEO”, for “SEO code of ethics”, etc. All good examples because these pages really control the market and it’s pretty unlikely for any webmaster and SEO in the world to beat these sites to the top Google position for the same keywords.

What does this mean for your website? Certainly it doesn’t mean that you should give up hope and stop optimizing your pages for the particular keywords used to “make it to the top” by the self reinforcing authority web pages. But it might be a better idea for you to come up with something really unique and newsworthy, a piece of information that will transform your site into a “resource”, gain public awareness (and you can really count on us for this one) and determine other website owners to link to it.


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