Search your TV

Ever heard of searching TV programmes? Snapstream TV allows you to do so. With Snapstream,  hours of TV programming can be recorded, up to 10 shows simultaneously, and searched afterwards. All recorded TV shows are indexed and just like using a search engine the use of keywords will lead you to pieces of TV recordings that our relevant to your search.

Snapstream only offers its product to enterprises although a lighter consumer version is available under the name Beyond TV. Enterprises who need to be in constant knowledge about what is broadcasted can with Snapshot keep a very close eye on the media. Just like a search on the internet, typing a keyword will show a list of results. A quick click on the result will allow the user to view the recorded snippet about the searched topic. Video alerts for brands, events or individuals can also be set up to be informed about newly broadcasted content.  

SnapStream CEO Rakesh Agrawal announced earlier on that Snapstream can record upto 10 000 hours of programming and that archives will become more permanently accessible on corporate sites and intranets. He also said Snapstream was integrated with Google’s Search Appliance (tool to find info inside organization) meaning that search results in Google could be mingled with search results from Snapstream.

For sure it makes you think of how long it is going to take before we all search TV and Internet at the same time from the same place…


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