You need a special invitation to Spock, because Spock is the peoples’ search engine and it is in beta stage right now. The brains behind Spock noticed that 30% of the online searches are people related. So what do they do? They go beyond the social networking idea; they go further than Google and create a platform where you will, eventually, be able to search for… people. I am so glad that they gave Google a new idea! Pretty soon we’ll see a new title spreading all over the Web: “Google acquires Spock.” Skipping the joke, let’s see what we know about Spock so far:

  1. You cannot receive an invitation to test it unless you are over 13.
  2. Spock is the online leader in personal search. (Really? And I used to believe that about Yahoo! Personals which has the same stereotype line to define itself… And aren’t we forgetting ZoomInfo?)
  3. VentureBeat is one of Spock’s most enthusiast supporters.
  4. You can do the work for Spock and eventually “win” some money.
  5. If you need a job at Spock, you might get lucky.
  6. Their FAQ is under construction. (Very professional, Spock!)
  7. We can also see a picture of the spockers on the site, but who they really are… it’s still unclear.

Well, it doesn’t really matter right now. If they are going to be able to make the difference between one Ben Ashton and another… and create special profiles for each as Michael Arrington states on his blog, then I have no reasons to doubt that Spock won’t be a success. Again: if Google doesn’t buy it to transform it into a Google success.

The new search engines wave also includes: Hakia, Powerset, Wikia


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