Tame Your Link Data Hunger with Google Webmaster Tools

If you are serious about your SEO efforts, and you probably are, you know that the number of relevant links pointing at your website is crucial for Google rankings (including PageRank and SERPs rankings), site popularity and traffic.

The link:www.yoursite.com (known to SEOs as link:operator) query doesn’t show relevant results, and that’s pretty frustrating for many Webmasters who cannot stop but wonder: “why is Yahoo! showing me more link results than Google?”.

This setback has reached its end. Google has finally listened. If you read Peeyush’s entry on Google’s official blog (posted on February the 5th) you’ll learn how to discover your links using Google’s Webmaster Tools.

With this new tool you can view both internal and external links, classify them, filter and download them as Excel file. And here comes the funny part: Google limits the number of data you can download for each type of link to one million. What do you think? Are you the lucky possessor of one million inbound links?

Well, this is good news for the link data hungry Webmasters. But don’t think that the tool can show you all the links with 100% accuracy. It will only display the number of inbound links Google has available to show you – there is a detailed view option where you can see the time Google’s bot last crawled a specific link. This is much more than you can see with expensive SEO software. As a matter of fact we recommend that you to use Google’s Webmaster Tools for all your website stats and not solely for viewing link data.


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