The Benefits of SEO

Although there’s enough written about SEO online, people still don’t know what is the real importance of SEO and which are the benefits.

SEOs have their advocates and their opponents, but despite the pros and cons, all search marketing professionals agree that SEO has its undisputed benefits:

  • As paid search becomes more and more expensive (yet effective and a simple look at the new PPC programs of Yahoo! and Microsoft, aside Google AdWords, is enough to prove my point), SEO will reduce search engine marketing costs.

The problem with SEO is that the results appear after many months of work. When you read about DIY SEO you get the feeling that SEO is free. But consider the long hours of working, the constant attention you have to pay to the market trends, the long keyword research and optimisation, and you will eventually come to this conclusion: SEO costs time. And we all know that time is high priced.

  • Another benefit of SEO is an increase of sales and leads. Sure, if your site is good enough to convince the visitors to buy. Then you have the most important benefit: long term growth in site visitors. SEO doesn’t bring overnight results. But on the long term, as people prefer organic results, and you’ll make your way to the top, you’ll notice a natural increase in revenue too.
  • Last, but not least, SEO helps you create better user experience. Professional SEOs will focus on what you should do to maximize the impact of a site in the search engines, but they will give priority to the users. Because, in the end, any SEO knows, that high rankings mean nothing without a quality site that stands out as a resource for the web surfers.