The Dofollow Movement in Blogs

I note that many bloggers have joined to ban the rel=nofollow practices. The new movement is called dofollow and it consists of a few rules each blogger has to follow. Basically, they all need to read Andy Beard’s piece on how to remove the nofollow attributes from comments and other links.

In his article, Andy Beard lists a few plugins for WordPress blogs and also points the readers to the blogs that explain how to remove nofollows on other platforms: blogger, typead, etc. Overall, a very good and informative article. Then, after removing the nofollow attributes, the blogger has to add a U Comment I Follow badge, that will let visitors know that the comments are rewarded with link love.

Other bloggers understand this movement differently. For example, the always controversial John Chow is ready to take the nofollow attributes out of the links of the commentators for a monthly fee. He basically sells links in his comments. I wonder how long is his success still going to last and I wonder how long are people still going to listen to such a guy?!

By asking his commentators to pay to get the nofollow attribute removed he simply makes a statement of… disrespect. When you want to build a community, respect it. If you don’t want comments on your blog, just turn them off! For example, this blog is our business blog. It’s meant to inform our clients and not to build a community or make money. It’s a platform where we present our skills, industry news and company news. And we do share link love: each time we find and article of note, like Andy’s today, you’ll find here a link. Fair is fair.