The Real SEO Value of Article Syndication

Yesterday I told you that article syndication doesn’t have such a great SEO value any longer. Today I am going to explain this statement.

Unless you submit a unique article, with a unique text link back to your site to an authority niche related site, it makes not so much sense to obsess about article syndication for SEO.

As any other SEO tools, article syndication was abused by spammers who scraped content written by others and used it for their own illegitimate purposes. Such SEO spammers submitted the same article to hundreds article directories, in an attempt to manipulate their SERPs.

Their actions flooded the search engines (especially Google) with low quality results on the first pages: links that lead to made for AdSense and scrapper sites.

The Web surfers were, as expected, unsatisfied of the results and started to look for other means to refine search, turned to other search engines or protested in the Google forums and on other discussion boards.

As a consequence Google developed algorithms to identify duplicate content and slow down spamdexing. Duplicate content is not really penalized, but bears no SEO value. Google ignores links within duplicate content texts. If you use article syndication as a linking strategy you’ll notice that, although you’ve submitted your articles to over 100 article directories, Google shows in its result only 10% of those links (if you are lucky!).

Article syndication is worth the trouble if you are a freelance writer and want to showcase your skills. But then you should really submit high quality articles that will determine eventual employers to click on the link in the author resource box visit your site and hire you.

Article syndication might send targeted traffic to your site, but this really depends on the niche and on a WOW factor needed to determine the reader want to see more.