To Digg or Not to Digg

I say if you have a SEO related site… not to digg! Heck, even take the “digg” buttons out of your site if you want to stay out of trouble. I have to admit, this is news even for me. But I’ll just present the facts and let you be the judge!

A few important SEO sites have been banned out of digg, under a false accuse of “spamming”. Lee Odden’s blog was banned, ForeverGeek banned and un-banned, and many other SEO blogs along. It’s maybe time that we start focusing our efforts to educate the social media communities where we find more mature audiences and not on an editor driven, user-unfriendly digg!

If you have a normal site, you might have a chance to stay out of trouble, but if you read Graywolf’s blog How to Be a Dirty Digger you are in for a “dirty” surprise. This blog really clarifies why Calacanis and Sullivan had their little brawl and why lots of people still think that SEO and SMO mean the same thing. The most incredible part is that the rumors about a corrupted digg are more than one year old (in some cases). And so far digg’s Kevin Rose gave no logical answer to the accusations falling on his head from all over the place. How did digg still manage to be a leader on the social media market?

There are other social bookmarking sites where you could promote your articles if you are interested. Magnolia, Stumble Upon,, or Reddit – maybe not so fancy as digg, but with a more serious community.


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