Tokoni, Social Story Sharing

Every self respecting SEO amateur/professional has a blog, or two or many more. Every self respecting SEO pro also tries to spread his/her blog content out to the largest audience possible in the hope to get some traffic to the site. See here, SEO people, another tool is out to help you. It listens to the name Tokoni, another social story sharing site.

Tokoni is the new technological child of ex Ebay/Skype executives, Mary Lou Song and her husband Alex Kazim. The site aims to become a virtual ‘porche’, where users can, after creating a profile, submit an unlimited amount of stories. These entries are actually all blog entries, as Tokoni is basically a community of connected blogs on a social networking basis. Every story, keywords and tags included, is categorized and similar stories are grouped in so called ‘Hubs’. To be complete, we can add that Tokoni supports image and (YouTube) video embedding, comments and discussion for every post.

The question is now if such a simple idea, not even a complete new one if you ask me, can succeed among the dozens of existing social media sharing concepts. Tokoni could possibly attract the users who, without too much involvement in blog technology and forums, want to sit back and read or write a story.

Furthermore Tokoni differentiates by offering the option to quickly link to other stories in the community, allowing users to follow up stories more easily, but only the future will reveal if this is enough to succeed as an online businees these days.


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