Vertical Search Vs. Blended Search Results

A new online study among the adult US internet population revealed some interesting material concerning the search engine behaviour of Google, Yahoo and MSN users in the States.

The study pointed out that 35% of the search engine users never uses the vertical search (specific search for image/videos/news results), the so called ‘invisible tabs’ that the major search engines offer. Another 25% doesn’t remember if they clicked a result after actually using the vertical tabs. Image search is the most popular vertical search categorie with 26% of users who click a presented result.

On the other hand blended search results, when for example a youtube video is listed as a result in Google, are more popular. News blended in general search results is clicked twice as much as the news results in a vertical search for news (36%). Images blended within search results are also more popular than the vertical search counterpart with 31% of clicked results. In general a mere 19% of users stated to never have clicked on blended search results.

These results stress the importance for internet marketers to integrate more rich media content on their sites and to appear with blended content in search results. Another finding concerns the increasing importance of being ranked within the first three listings as a full 92% of users clicks a top 3 result. And this is not all, when it comes to brands, 39% of users also believe that top 3 ranked sites are brand leaders in their field of expertise.

One can draw the conclusion that not if not top 3, a site should a least list on the first page, if not more SEO has to kick in to make it more succesfull. For other conclusions see what has to say about the study’s impact on SEO.


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