Video SEO

Image SEO is for real, and so is video SEO. You know, those little videos you display on your site, or even the videos you upload on Google Video and YouTube to drive more traffic to your website, to sell a product, to advertise a service or just to promote your brand.

To optimise a video for the search engines you need to work with video tags. When you upload a video there is a custom field that asks you to “tag” your content. Make sure the users are searching for your tags.

The video search engines will display first the most popular videos for a certain tag, but you can make it to the top if you have enough links pointing at that video and if you have enough comments. Popularity is a matter of clicks and a matter of ratings. The highest video ratings push you to the highest video search results.

To achieve these results you need to upload unique content, pretty much the same as per text or image content, you need to use a “bait” that makes people link back, in short you need that “wow” or “awesome” factor that transforms random users into faithful subscribers. Google Video and YouTube are not the only video marketing channels out there.

Right now (and quite popular), Veoh is opening its gates to you and although this is more of a “fun” platform, modern business finds its ways and vlogs become more and more popular. In conclusion, SEO is moving forward: from text optimisation to image, video and audio optimisation.