Wanna Defeat Google

The SilliconValleyWatcher, among hundreds of other online journals, published some pretty interesting and intriguing news: Powerset aims to knock off Google.

Powerset, an 18 months old company, licensed from Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) a technology that might surmount Google’s search technology based on keywords. The idea behind PARC’s technology is to enable the web surfers search using the “natural language” and to deliver results that answer to normal, natural questions, such as “Who was JFK?” etc.

If you take a look now at Powerset’s web page you are not going to see a lot: just some “Powerset in the News” press releases, an outdated blog and no “search” box. That’s because they are not ready to launch. The beta version of the new search engine will probably be available later on this year.

Although Powerset seems really… powerful, I don’t think it is “all mighty”. And it’s not reinventing the wheel either. There are already some search engines trying to provide results based on a natural search. But have you ever heard of them? Hakia for example, still in its beta phase, is providing quite relevant results if you compare it with Google. Above the search box you can read: “Enter a question, sentence, phrase, or keywords.” So I’ve entered a question, just for fun: “Is Powerset going to rival Google?” And the Hakia search engine gave me an answer: Wonderful question, hope I have some useful answers for you below. No, the answers were not all relevant, but most of them.

But the real question is: how is this new technology going to change the SEO industry? Because there are going to be changes, all right!


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