What is link bait?

It’s a fairly new term which is becoming more and more known of throughout the internet marketing industry. Link bait is something that is created on your website which stimulates other people around the web to want to link to your website.

Link bait could be something such as plugin for wordpress which is much better than any other wordpress plugin ever created before, or it could be an seo tool which does the job of all other seo tools combined, or it could simply be an article or blog post which is extremely controversial and sparks a debate in the online world, thus causing other websites to link to the source of the information.

As you can see, it is brilliant way of aquiring one way back links to your site, and you don’t even need to ask these other websites for the link, as they will link to you naturally, and its these natural links which the big G (Google) loves best. But creating link bait can be a tricky, time consuming task, which can only becarried out by true professionals. Search Engine Oracle do not currently provide link baiting as a service, but we can certainly recommend


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