Why Search Engine Oracle?

With so many new search engine optimisation companies forming each day, you may find it difficult to decide which one to use to promote your company. There are indeed a number of so called “Cowboys” who have given the seo industry a very bad name. I would love to name them on this blog, but I’m sure I would get taken to court for slander.

Some of the methods these cowboys use are simply to edit the text on your homepage. They will say to you that your keyword density is too low, or you don’t have a robots.txt file blah blah blah. Well, what a load of rubbish. Firstly, search engines like Google don’t even look at keyword density anymore, rather they look for semantic variations of your keywords scattered across your pages and secondly, robots.txt files are simply instruction files dictating which pages of your website should be visited by the search engines. Some seo companies will say that Google won’t index your pages if it doesn’t know which pages to spider, and the only way to fix this is to implement a robots.txt file. Wrong! Google and other search engines will by default, index all of your pages unless otherwise specified by the robots.txt file.

As we are a new company, we are willing to visit any potential clients in person, or alternatively, we welcome visits to our office in Congleton, Cheshire. Myself and my partner are both highly knowledgeable in the SEM industry and we will happily give you some free advice regarding your website.


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