A Never Ending Debate: SEO for WordPress

I didn’t write too much about SEO for WordPress in the past – not because I find the topic lame, but because I know at least 100 blogs dealing with this subject and there are even free SEO books for WordPress blogs you could easily download and use the advice there to improve your blogs. But today I read Michael Gray’s not so compelling entry and I couldn’t resist the temptation of making a clearer and shorter list of SEO tips that will improve your WordPress blog in no time.

  • All-in-one-SEO-pack optimizes page titles for each blog entry, adds in unique page descriptions, keywords and configures “noindex” for archive pages, categories and tag pages to avoid the duplicate content penalties.
  • Robots.txt plugin is used to show to the search bots what pages you want them to index and which pages should not appear in the search results. You can use this plugin to address the duplicate content issues too. Read the instructions before, as the plugin doesn’t work on all types of WordPress blogs.
  • Google sitemap generator plugin – perfect to create Google compliant sitemaps to tell the spiders how often to scan your site, which are the most important pages and categories and how often you make updates to each one of them.

These three plugins are just a small part of the SEO related WordPress plugins already on the Web, but I consider them the most important and relevant.

They sum about 40% of the SEO you need to do to have a search engine ready blog. Add to these tools a good linking strategy and all your social networking skills if what you want to achieve is a top position in the SE. If traffic and SE rankings don’t matter to you, if you just write for fun, don’t worry about technicalities. Focus on content quality instead.


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