The Truth About a Useless Meta Tag

The truth about a useless meta tag is quite simple: it is not useless. And this is how demystifies another SEO myth: that the keywords meta tag is completely useless for search engines rankings.

I think it’s quite unfair to treat this little tag with such lack of respect. After all it used to be the most powerful SEO tool back in 1997.

It lost its power because it was over used by abusive webmasters and unscrupulous SEOs, but the beauty of the story is that there are at least two search engines that still take it into consideration: Yahoo! and

No, the keywords meta tag doesn’t matter for Google (and Live) but the WWW doesn’t revolve around Google alone. You have to optimize your site for all the search engines. So why ignore a meta tag when it could bring some free traffic to your site?
What does it cost to make things right?

Going online without the keyword meta tag is like going out with a shirt that misses a button. No one will really notice, but if the girl is picky, would you like to lose points over a silly button? So take care of your shirt. You never know…

To prove my point I will make an experiment today and write into the keywords meta tag the silliest keywords for this post.
Let’s take ouad……, drkjl…., asjfrefdkj…….(check the page source for the complete words). They make no sense, it is true… But let’s see whether Yahoo will rank for these silly terms. If it does… quod!