Yahoo News

SEOs rarely talk about Yahoo! And that’s really a pity because, although the World Wide Web seems to revolve around Google, the top brand of the world is not the only one, which deserves our attention. Google’s success is mainly based on the its ability to keep up with the competition, better said to be always one or two steps ahead of the competition. But Yahoo! is not negligible quantity.

In the last week of May the second search force of the WWW announced an algorithm update. Many webmasters were surprised by this event: some couldn’t find their listings anymore, while others noted a boost in the Yahoo! SERPs.

What’s really interesting about Yahoo! is the new concept of indexing content. Yahoo! proposes a “robots-nocontent” tag to mark selections on the web page which are important for the users, but not important for the search engines, such as: headers and footers, repetitions, copyright notices, sponsored ads and so on. This tag will improve the results for relevant searches.

Yahoo! is pretty sure that this new tag will improve the relevancy of the results and increase conversions for the ones using it. There’s no news so far that Google will support the “robots-nocontent” tag, but I have all the reasons to believe that, if successful, we’ll soon find it in the Google webmaster advice too.

To learn how to use the tag to optimise your site for Yahoo! to maximize your rankings click on the link above.