Why Is Yahoo Monkeying Around?

OK, I know this news is a few days out of date, but bear with me because I couldn’t bring myself to write about the big G again today, so I plucked some information from Yahoo.

(Incidently, the word on the street is that as Microsoft is considering a hostile bid, Yahoo is cosying up to Google to share search results – is this just another tactic by Yahoo to get Microsoft to offer a decent amount?).

Anyway, the reason for this post is to look at Yahoo’s new Open Search platform that will allow website owners and developers to enhance the “functionality, appearance and usefulness” of search results.

So what have Yahoo decided to name this new platform? No prizes for originality or coolness, it’s called Search Monkey.

It seems that Yahoo have admitted that they will never be as popular as Google because they won’t have the accuracy (not to mention the brand name, when was the last time you “Yahoo’ed” somthing?), but look at sites like Facebook how they just exploded in growth when they opened up their platform for third party developers. Possibly Yahoo is looking for more of the same?

It’s no secret that when you open up software to let developers and enthusiasts tinker with it, it creates a great surge in interest, so I imagine Google are looking at this very carefully! Watch for all kinds of blog posts, tutorials, show cases etc to pop up around this new…SearchMonkey (why, Yahoo?!).


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